Purpose Statement

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    Current Problems:

    Large legal research platforms lack most of the activity and records that occur at the local government level. Considering most interaction with the government occurs at this level there remains significant opportunity to provide the means of collecting and accessing this information generated at the local government level. (For example: court records, real estate records, auditor data, etc.)

    Large legal research platforms have no cost effective way of gathering all of this information. Local governments have no incentive to provide this information.


    Let's build an economy that rewards local government for recording their data in a blockchain. Tokens from the network can provide the financial incentive for the local governments to participate.


    Making information generated at this level available creates endless applications for those that study data. For example a litigant can for the first time determine what exactly their cause of action is worth because the data from countless other cases is available instead of speculated on. Law makers will finally be able to see what legislation works and what does not. These are just a few examples of how a blockchain based economy can change the world.


    I want this community to 1) engineer the software that will make a legal research blockchain possible, 2) develop creative means for getting local governments on board with the concept, 3) and raise the funds necessary for a full-time development staff.

    This is my vision.

    Joshua Johnson
    Founder of lawblocks.io